The product is an email verification tool that is designed to help marketers ensure that their email lists are accurate and up-to-date. The tool uses advanced algorithms and techniques to verify the validity of email addresses and remove any invalid or inactive ones from the list. This helps businesses improve their email marketing campaigns' effectiveness by ensuring that they are reaching their target audience and not wasting resources on sending emails to invalid or inactive email addresses.


Email marketing campaigns can be ineffective if the email list is outdated, inaccurate, or contains invalid email addresses. This can lead to a high bounce rate, low open rate, and a poor return on investment. Additionally, sending emails to invalid email addresses can harm the business's email reputation, resulting in their emails being marked as spam.


To improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, businesses should regularly clean and update their email lists, use double opt-in processes, and employ email verification tools to ensure accuracy and validity. Segmenting lists based on engagement and demographics, monitoring engagement metrics, and maintaining a positive email reputation are also crucial. Additionally, businesses should comply with relevant data protection regulations to build trust with subscribers and avoid legal issues. These strategies can enhance campaign performance, increase engagement, and maximize ROI. These solutions are provided by mailavail.


The goal of this case study is to create a comprehensive UX design solution for an email verification tool that will help businesses improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.


  • Email Quality Score

During the email verification process, each verified email is assigned an email quality score, indicating its deliverability on a scale from 0 to 100.

  • Single Email Verification

Verifying a single email and receiving real-time results is crucial for ensuring email integrity. This service instantly confirms if an email address is valid, properly formatted, and not associated with spam or fraudulent activity.

  • Bulk Verification

Managing extensive email lists can be daunting, but our bulk verification guide simplifies the process. From uploading lists to selecting verification methods, we cover it all, helping you maintain data accuracy and optimize deliverability. Save time and resources while ensuring the authenticity of your contacts with our efficient guide.

  • Real Time Results

Process your email verification list in real time, Mailavail committed to providing detailed updates on each email's status, including whether it's valid, invalid, or needs further attention. You'll receive comprehensive statistics on progress, helping you optimize your email database effectively.

  • Customized Exports

Effortlessly handpick and export specific email addresses for your messages with our intuitive system. Say goodbye to sorting through lengthy contact lists and hello to streamlined email communications.

  • Teams

Our team collaboration feature allows members to use credits from the owner, who can share them seamlessly. Owners can add multiple members, promoting teamwork and efficient resource management.


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